Author of Erotic Book of Genesis Comes Home to ‘Blasphmy’ Graffiti October 2, 2013

Author of Erotic Book of Genesis Comes Home to ‘Blasphmy’ Graffiti

A couple of weeks ago, I posted an excerpt from Matthew Stillman‘s new book “Genesis Deflowered,” which eroticizes the Book of Genesis.

Last week, on the doorsteps in front of Matthew’s home in Harlem, he was greeted with misspelled graffiti reading “Blasphmy.”

Matthew Stillman (Jeff Mays – DNAinfo)

“I think someone is angry and lashed out,” said Stillman, a former television and film producer who reported the graffiti to the 28th Precinct which classified the incident as a case of criminal mischief.

Stillman, 40, said he has received hate mail about the book published in August since he appeared on Fox News earlier this month.

“You’re still my enemy, but lucky for us…the Bible says to love your enemies,” one piece of mail read.

There are no clues yet as to who did this, but I hope it doesn’t give him pause about what he’s doing. He didn’t do anything wrong. The fact that his work may have stirred up this particular response is just a sign that he’s doing something right.

Matthew said in an email statement to me last night:

While I don’t feel unsafe I do feel that this act is passive aggressive and closes the door to actually have a dialogue about the content of the book and the issues it raises. I also feel like this act is a threat to all authors who should be free to write creative works without fear of vandalization of their property or homes.

(Via Christian Nightmares)

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