According to New Report, Hispanic Adults Are Losing Their Faith As They Get Older September 27, 2013

According to New Report, Hispanic Adults Are Losing Their Faith As They Get Older

Coinciding with National Hispanic Heritage Month, the Public Religion Research Institute just released a report called the “2013 Hispanic Values Survey.”

The big highlight for us is this one:

Compared with their religious affiliation as children, the percent of religiously “Unaffiliated” Hispanic adults more than doubles over time (from 5% to 12%) — that is to say, many Hispanics are losing their faith as they get older:

The percentage of Hispanic evangelical Christians changes by roughly the same amount, but it seems fair to say our side is gobbling up some of those young Hispanic Catholics.

When it comes to the Bible, the majority of Hispanics believe it’s the inspired Word of God, while a disappointing third see the Bible as literally true:

Nearly two-thirds of Hispanics believe that the Bible is the word of God, and half that number (33%) believe that it should be taken literally word for word, while similar numbers (28%) believe that not everything in the Bible should be taken literally. One-quarter (25%) of Hispanics believe the Bible is a book written by men and is not the word of God.

Finally, it’s interesting to note that, while a majority of Hispanics are Catholic, a majority of Hispanic Catholics (62%) still support same-sex marriage while nearly half of them (47%) support abortion rights.

Take that, Catholic Church!

The full report is available here.

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