Even Today, Jessica Ahlquist is Facing Condemnation for Her Successful Lawsuit September 24, 2013

Even Today, Jessica Ahlquist is Facing Condemnation for Her Successful Lawsuit

The other day, I posted about how Cranston High School West, Jessica Ahlquist‘s old high school, was set to put up a new mural in their auditorium, to replace the religious one that Jessica’s lawsuit helped bring down. (As I mentioned, Jessica wasn’t invited to the new mural’s unveiling ceremony.)

The old mural (left) and the new mural

Back when Jessica won her lawsuit in January of 2012, there was no shortage of insulting comments and genuine threats pushed in Jessica direction.

It’s been a year and a half since all that happened. Surely religious people would be a little more level-headed toward Jessica now, right?

Not a chance.

Since the story about the mural unveiling came out, Jessica’s been hit with another onslaught of #ChristianLove. Here’s a glimpse at what she’s had to deal with on Twitter just in the past day or so:

That’s obviously not representative of all Christians, many of whom expressed shame that Jessica was being sent those messages in the name of their faith and offered their sympathy and support.

But what was the thing that Janice Bertino, the co-chairwoman of the mural-donating Class of 1963, said to the Providence Journal?

“The community is healed,” said Janice Bertino. “There is no more controversy.”

Maybe not in Bertino’s mind, but Jessica’s still dealing with the fallout from her bravery.

I asked her how she’s doing and if she’s handling all of this okay, and she wrote this:

While the Twitter war against me is hurtful and petty, I am very appreciative for all of the people who have come online to support me. It’s an amazing feeling when you know so many people have your back.

Damn right we do.

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