Christian Pastor Explains How He Denies Evolution Because He Doesn’t Want to Base His Life on ‘Myths’ and ‘Magic’ September 8, 2013

Christian Pastor Explains How He Denies Evolution Because He Doesn’t Want to Base His Life on ‘Myths’ and ‘Magic’

Here’s some advice for pastors: If you don’t know much about science, don’t write an article explaining why the foundation of science is wrong, exposing your ignorance for the world to see.

That’s what Pastor John Martens of The Connection church in Maple Ridge, British Columbia did with his opinion piece for a local newspaper:

John Martens with his wife
John Martens with his wife

… I just see the whole idea that one form of life (dog, donkey, dinosaur) changing into another form as impossible, even if you give it millions and millions of years.

That is just too fantastical for me. It smacks of medieval sorcery. No one ever tells me how these animals change, just that they did. Magically. Although I love myths, magic and science fiction — for entertainment — I don’t want to base my life on such things.

… says the man who needs no explanation for Jesus’ miracles or a virgin birth.

His logic is amazing. He’s telling the world, “I don’t get it, so there’s no way it could have happened!”

He’s not done yet, either:

The problem is that what we know about science — the laws devised from actually observing the universe — do not allow for the kind of evolutionary scenario that I mentioned above.

Well. I guess that settles it then. The guy who own writing informs us of how little he knows about science says science itself disproves evolution.

Wait! There’s more!

Then there is this thing called entropy. You might have heard the word, but are not sure what it is. Entropy applies everywhere in the universe. The universe would not be the universe as we know it, were it not for entropy.

In terms I can understand, entropy is this: “Given time, all systems go from order to disorder.”

Actually, this is one of the few ways we can tell the direction of time’s arrow. Time makes things worse.

But according to evolution, over time, different life forms evolved and became more and more complex. It is almost as if evolution caused time to go backwards — but only for evolution. This sounds like a great fairy tale, but it makes for terrible science.

… Says a man who has clearly never heard of Google.

So why would any of us still believe in evolution when Pastor Anti-Darwin, Ph.D. has totally debunked the foundation of modern science?

Well, he tells us why:

Some people just follow the media and the academic elite because they think that those people must be very smart. But many of these very smart people cling to evolution because they want the approval of their peers, and they think that God would cramp their lifestyle.

We accept evolution because we just want people to like us. That’s really the secret of the whole scientific method right there.

I can appreciate one thing from Martens’ piece: He makes it clear at the end that you can’t possibly believe in both God and evolution. To deny evolution means accepting God. Since all of us immoral heathens want nothing to do with God, we cling to evolution, what with its “facts” and “fossils” and “mountains of peer-reviewed evidence.”

The comment section at the news site is just tearing Martens apart — and he totally deserves it. If only more pastors would follow in his footsteps and gleefully proclaim how out of touch with reality they really are.

***Update***: Martens has responded to the criticism in the article’s comment section and explains that he has a Ph.D. in Physics (?!?). On a bare-bones ZoomInfo page for him online, it unusually lists his education as “PhD, Physics” with no mention of where he earned his degree from. That’s weird, right? (***Update***: His PhD apparently comes from the University of Manitoba.)

Martens also says he has “friends who are atheists, pagans, gays, Muslims”… I suppose that’s possible, but I still don’t believe him. I want names. I want to talk to one of his atheist or gay friends. Just one. C’mon, Dr. Pastor Martens, give us a name!

***Update 2***: Commenters are saying that the University of Manitoba Physics program is not accredited.

They *may* have also found his Ph.D. thesis.

(Thanks to Brian for the link)

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