The Hardest Battle Ever September 7, 2013

The Hardest Battle Ever

I saw this trailer for a Christian movie Every Young Man’s Battle yesterday… (Spoiler: All of you young men out there have to fight the evil, treacherous scourge of pornography.)


The full movie is actually online and it’s even worse than the trailer.

Like the part at 12:42 when a young woman blames herself because “men were stumbling because of some of the things” she was wearing.

Or the part at 43:42 when James Dobson interviews serial killer Ted Bundy. Why? Because porn, that’s why.

(At one point Dobson spells out Bundy’s message: “You really feel that hard-core pornography and the doorway to it, soft-core pornography, is doing untold damage to other people and causing other women to be abused and killed the way you did others.”)

(via Christian Nightmares)

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