Catholic TV Program Answers the Question, ‘What the Hell?’ September 1, 2013

Catholic TV Program Answers the Question, ‘What the Hell?’

Karl can’t catch a break.

Thanks to a tip from reader Ed, I can present to you the following video clip from an Eternal World Television Network (ETWN) program describing Hell, as best as the Catholic Church currently accepts and understands it.

Most of it will be familiar, descriptions of souls suffering from shame, regret, and despair (which sounds like real life so far), but also notes that damned souls are “continually tormented in all their senses, but in priecely what way, we do not know.”

But they do seem to be certain of a few things. For example, they seem pretty sure that the torments are imposed from “outside material things,” including a literal fire of Hell that is “entirely different” from our mere earthly flames.

Some little girls in Portugal got a look into Hell thanks to Mary (she turns up in the most unexpected places), who showed them what it was like, because that’s just how Mary rolls, scaring the shit out of little girls. Anyway, what they saw was a sea of fire, demons, and “blackened” souls in human form.

Of most interest to me was the fact that the could not say with any certainty who might be in Hell.  Theologically, it says Judas is the surest bet, because blah blah scripture something something. But then it shows a collection of photos of bad guys who most would assume are in Hell, like Hitler, Stalin, Ayatollah Khomeini, Mao, and…wait a minute…Karl Marx? Really? He’s one of the obvious damnation candidates? Along with Hitler? Jeez, EWTN. That seems harsh.

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