Buzzfeed vs. the Good Book September 1, 2013

Buzzfeed vs. the Good Book

I must admit, this is not territory I expected Buzzfeed to cover, and yet here we are. The irreverent listicle king of the interwebz delves into theology with its roundup, “The 16 Most Bizarre Moments In The Bible.”

Now, as you can imagine, there’s lots of stuff in here that’s simply hilarious and ridiculous — Moses being forced to talk to God’s butt (“back parts”), a talking donkey, etc. But more interesting to me is the calling out of events in the Bible that are central to Judeo-Christian faiths. Not points of contention, but the stuff on which the whole shebang is founded, like Lazarus’s resurrection, Noah’s flood, and Abraham’s near-murder of his son.

I wonder when Buzzfeed will tackle the Quran!

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