That’s One Way to Escape from Oral Roberts University… August 28, 2013

That’s One Way to Escape from Oral Roberts University…

Last week, at a back-to-school rally at Oral Roberts University, a bald eagle made an appearance. A very brief appearance.

University officials hired World Bird Sanctuary, in Valley Park, Mo., [to] bring in a real bald eagle to raise the student’s excitement.

The eagle, named Lewis, was supposed to fly from the top of the chapel down to its trainer on stage, but got disoriented…

And this is what happened, amid chants of “U.S.A.”

It’s understandable that, after being captured and exploited, these creatures might go out of control when given the tiniest bit of freedom. You only hope that they can mature and heal and find a better path going forward.

But enough about the students.

The eagle, we’re told, is okay. (You can see a little more of the SFW aftermath in the first minute of this video.)

To answer the question many are asking online, yes, this was legal, though that didn’t necessarily make it a smart decision.

I guess ORU officials should just be glad their mascot isn’t a lion…

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