Dave Silverman Will Get His ATHE1ST License Plate After All August 28, 2013

Dave Silverman Will Get His ATHE1ST License Plate After All

Well, that was fast.

Yesterday, American Atheists President Dave Silverman tweeted this:

Terry Firma gave more details on what happened on this site earlier today.

Today, Silverman posted his letter to appeal the decision on AA’s website.

And just moments ago, he tweeted this:

***Update*** (3:38p): American Atheists has released a statement regarding this controversy:

A reporter early Wednesday afternoon contacted Silverman to tell him that his application had been approved, and soon afterward a spokesperson from the Commission called to confirm it.

Once he receives the plates, Silverman plans to bring one with him to American Atheists’ 2014 National Convention in Salt Lake City, where American Atheists members will be able to take pictures with it.

Only at an atheist convention…

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