He Did *WHAT* at Church Camp?! This Calls for a Very Harsh Punishment… August 23, 2013

He Did *WHAT* at Church Camp?! This Calls for a Very Harsh Punishment…

I know we’re talking about different churches here, but the juxtaposition is just appalling.

Yesterday, we posted about a Chattanooga church that kicked three people out of the congregation for supporting a family member’s civil rights as a gay woman.

Well, another Chattanooga church is *not* kicking out the pastor’s son… and wait till you hear what he did:

Zachary Anderle

A 21-year-old pastor’s son won’t be allowed to work with children or hold a leadership position at the Vineyard Community Church in Chattanooga after being charged with simple battery, two counts of third-degree cruelty to children and sexual assault in connection with an incident at a church camp.

Affidavits in Carroll County, Ga., allege that [Zachary Anderle] climbed on top of a 13-year-old camper and placed his penis on top of the boy’s crotch while other boys were watching. Anderle also slapped the child’s face, the report states.

“Zachary will not be allowed back at any future camp events, as a counselor or otherwise. Also, the church has removed Zachary from the church’s band rotation,” said Bud Winderweedle, a member of the investigative committee the church organized to look into the incident.

It was all just horseplay, they’re saying. Horseplay that led to being charged with sexual assault. That guy will be allowed to stay in his church. He just can’t play in the band or go to church camp.

Meanwhile, the family members who supported a gay woman in their own family can’t go back to theirs.

Remember that the next time a Christian tells you you can’t be ethical if you don’t believe in God.

(Thanks to Jeremy for the link)

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