Alabama State Senator Files Unnecessary ‘Merry Christmas’ Bill August 22, 2013

Alabama State Senator Files Unnecessary ‘Merry Christmas’ Bill

Remember when Texas Governor Rick Perry signed a law making it legal to say “Merry Christmas” in public schools — even though no one ever said it was illegal — and also allowing for religious holiday displays?

Now, Alabama State Senator Gerald Allen (R-What else?) is set to to pass a similar bill in his state:

State Sen. Gerald Allen (via Talking Points Memo)

Allen said he is bringing the bill to protect schools from litigation.

“I’m convinced that there is an undeniable secular progressive agenda to remove all religious freedoms from the public square and that includes our public schools,” Allen said.

As a secular progressive who *totally* has an agenda, I can assure Allen no one wants to take away those freedoms. Not me, not the Freedom From Religion Foundation, not some left-wing politician. The only person who wants to take it away is the imaginary straw man in his head.

The only thing we would ever fight against in this case is promotion of one religion over all others or religion over no religion.

So why bother filing this bill? Did something happen that forced Allen to act now?

Allen said he didn’t know of an instance where a lawsuit had been filed over such a greeting, but he said teachers and administrators should be able to express themselves without fear.

I hope someone challenges this.

I hope some brave teachers wish their students a “Happy Solstice” and reminds them that Axial Tilt is the Reason for the Season.

I hope that after an after-school Christian group gets a Christmas Tree put up in the hallway, a group of atheists demands that a Festivus Pole be put up next to it… along with a papier-mâché Flying Spaghetti Monster.

Allen is no stranger to introducing bills to solve problems that don’t exist except in his deluded mind. In 2011, he introduced an anti-Sharia Law Constitutional amendment.

Allen is up for re-election in 2014.

(Thanks to Shannon for the link!)

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