Cards Against Humanity: Christian Edition August 18, 2013

Cards Against Humanity: Christian Edition

I’m used to seeing D-rated Christian versions of secular pop culture, like movies, music, and video games… but I wasn’t expecting this one: A Christian version of Cards Against Humanity:

A Game for “Good” Christians is [a] card game which shows what you get if “Cards Against Humanity” and a conservative Christian seminary had a love child. Or if Apples to Apples was made by thoughtful pastors who read more than the footnotes in an NIV Bible.

At least the makers have a sense of humor. The response cards you can play include:

  • The forbidden fruit (Genesis 3)
  • Noah’s awkward sexual encounter with his son (Genesis 9:22)
  • Levitical sex ban (Lev 18)
  • A roaring lion seeking whom he may devour (1 Peter 5:8)

There’s also the FAQ:

Will God send me to hell for playing this game?

Your God sucks if He/She/It does. Besides, of all the things you’ve done, do you really think this will be the straw that breaks The Camel’s back?

The game doesn’t quite have the “horrible person” aftertaste that you get after a good game of CAH. Not to mention it’s just unnecessary given that the actual game already has Bible-themed cards thrown into the mix…

… but, hey, if you needed another way to remain trapped inside the Christian Bubble, you could do much worse.

(via Exploring Our Matrix)

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