#FourWordBible Trends on Twitter August 7, 2013

#FourWordBible Trends on Twitter

Yesterday morning, I got a text from a coworker that read “#FourWordBible is trending on Twitter… I think it’s right up your alley.” Sure enough, I wasted about a half-hour online.

The trend consisted of Twitterers (Twitts?) summing up the Good Book in exactly four words.

To be sure, there were plenty of pro-Bible folks with cutesy things to say like “Unending love. Amazing grace,” “Let go, let God,” and “Jesus died for you.”

But don’t worry, the skeptics showed up for the party, too.

So far, my favorite is from @serenetwit:

Here’s my contribution:

And I saw this one a couple of times:

There were plenty of funny ones to choose from:

And there are still plenty more coming. Let me know which ones I missed, or leave your own in the comments!

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