Candy Crush Saga is Like Religion Because… August 6, 2013

Candy Crush Saga is Like Religion Because…

After getting stuck on another level of Candy Crush Saga, I prompted people on Twitter…

… and you all responded brilliantly:

  • … I want nothing to do with it. (@SoRefined)
  • … it sucks you in then tries to get your money. (@duchesskimibuns)
  • … because people are addicted to it and engage out of habit, but it’s ultimately pointless. (@LoloBirdieBird)
  • … it’s an unhealthy obsession with something that doesn’t matter. (@fathasan)
  • … because no matter how high your level is, its never enough. The only true winners are the creators. (@MyLegIsNumb)
  • … the music is catchy. (@leerylamb)
  • … their songs are annoying. (@imsolummy)
  • … people keep inviting me to it even though I’ve made it clear I’m not interested. (@imjustasteph)
  • … people I thought were friends keep bugging me to join. (@dbgill)
  • … they keep playing even when they know how stupid it is. (@amandajhelling)
  • … everyone who plays it won’t stop talking about it. (@jays_ebooks)
  • … it has a hold on otherwise intelligent people. (@anthonyEcottam)

Feel free to add your own in the comments!

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