Why Would Anyone Want to Speak at This Church…? August 5, 2013

Why Would Anyone Want to Speak at This Church…?

Darrell at Stuff Fundies Like came across an old questionnaire that Fairwinds Independent Bible Church used to send out to potential guest ministers (the church has since changed its name)

That’s about as fundie as you can get… believe in our specific brand of Christianity or to hell with you.

It reminds me of the classic Emo Philips joke, too.

James McGrath notes of the questionnaire:

I suppose the main point to make in response is that rejecting lots of things does not mean that your standard is high, only that it is narrow. And unless one figures out the difference early enough, the narrow approach will inevitably end up excluding things that are true, rather than holding oneself and others to the high standard of truthfulness.

Narrow, indeed. I wanted to write in the margins of the application, but I settled for crudely-written comments on my computer instead:

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