We Get It: You Don’t Hate Gay People… You Just Don’t Want Them to Be Happy August 5, 2013

We Get It: You Don’t Hate Gay People… You Just Don’t Want Them to Be Happy

Catholic Deacon Greg Kandra recently released a video for CatholicNewsService in which he clarified the Church’s position on homosexuality.

Blogger Rebecca Hamilton says, “As usual, he nails it,” so you *know* this is gonna be good:

Essentially, what the Church teaches is that homosexuals are to be loved and accepted and supported as children of God and as human beings with dignity. But a homosexual act itself, like all sexual acts outside of marriage, is something the Church cannot condone or support. So it’s really encouraging chastity and encouraging a pure way of living.

Essentially, the Church is teaching [to] straight people, also, that sex outside of marriage is not to be condoned and sinful, but sex within marriage is life-giving and live-giving and is something to be encouraged.

So, the Church has nothing against gays. It just has a problem with anyone, gay or straight, having sex outside of marriage.

You know, there’s a simple solution to that…:

Sorry, sorry, I was being too logical there.

Of course the Church doesn’t want gay people to get married. They just want gay people to remain single and sexless for life. (Despite Kandra’s claim that the Church views all relationships the same way, the Catechism of the Catholic Church actually says that “homosexual acts are intrinsically disordered.”)

So, you see? Catholics don’t hate gay people. They love gay people.

They love them so much that they’ll do everything in their power to make sure gay people can never get married or have sex — the very things that straight Catholic couples are taught are the highlights of an eternal, ever-lasting bond — because those things would make the Baby Jesus cry.

That’s the best the Church can offer homosexuals: A life of frustrating celibacy.

No wonder young people are getting the hell out.

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  • Somebody

    The burden of proof is on the person who makes the claim. Atheists don’t have to prove to you that God doesn’t exist – if you can’t show tangible proof of his existence, there is no reason a rational, sane person would believe in God. Nobody’s 100% sure how the world was created, but the contradictions in the Bible show that it was man-made, thus, it is unlikely God exists – making the Christian creation theory very, very silly.

  • Jim Jones

    >There is no possible way you can know or prove there are no Gods smart ass.

    Eric, the Magic God Eating Penguin.


  • Regular guy

    You are an ignorant fuck. The catholic church does not condone a homosexual marriage because it cannot produce children. Marriage is a sacrament, bestowed to people by the church to those that demonstrate they are adhering to a Christian lietyle. It is NOT a right to be demanded.

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