Which Group Supports Gay Marriage More Than the Non-Religious? July 30, 2013

Which Group Supports Gay Marriage More Than the Non-Religious?

Gallup released a poll yesterday regarding nationwide support for same-sex marriage and the headlines are all about how 52% of Americans would support it on election day, given the chance. It’s more than half?! Wow!

But there was something else notable when you looked at the demographic breakdown:

I was surprised to see that the non-religious weren’t 1) at the top of the list and 2) at the top of the list by several percentage points over the second-place category. (To be sure, non-religious Americans were least likely to vote against gay marriage.)

Granted there’s a lot of overlap between liberals and the non-religious, and that the difference isn’t statistically significant at all, but I expected to see a *much* higher number for the Nones. Who are these 18% of us who don’t support marriage equality?! And what rationale do they give if it’s not based in any faith?

This is pure speculation, but the results may lend support to the idea that religious liberals are more likely to support marriage equality than non-religious conservatives…

In any case, I’m glad that I’m a member of all five categories at the top of the list, and I’m especially thrilled that the demographics look to be shifting in that direction.

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