Atheists Counter Christian Protesters Outside Comic-Con July 23, 2013

Atheists Counter Christian Protesters Outside Comic-Con

If you visited Comic-Con in San Diego over the weekend, you may have encountered street preachers near the Civic Center trolley stop. It’s really a perfect spot for them, given all the sinners walking into the convention hall…

On Saturday afternoon, though, Brian Stone and a few of his friends decided to respond to them with signs of their own 🙂

See if you can guess which ones they are (Hint: Look for the Happy Atheist logo):




Brian tells me the response from the crowd was overwhelmingly positive — people were grateful they were there to counteract the hate-in-the-name-of-Jesus crowd.

He also says he plans to organize a larger counter-protest next year. If you’d be interested in joining him, you’re free to email him directly.

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