Anti-Gay Christian Leader Whines About How Gay Couples Want Equal Treatment at Christian-Owned Businesses July 23, 2013

Anti-Gay Christian Leader Whines About How Gay Couples Want Equal Treatment at Christian-Owned Businesses

In the wake of state and federal decisions on the side of same-sex couples, the Illinois Family Institute is desperate to find examples of Christians’ rights being taken away (as if civil rights are a zero-sum game).

Of course they can’t find any legitimate examples of that. So here’s what they’re doing: They’re arguing that Christian business owners are being targeted for their beliefs by gay bullies.

Here’s IFI’s Executive Director David Smith:

What cannot be dismissed, however, is that time and again homosexual activists have proven through their actions that the redefinition of marriage isn’t their only goal, but rather government enforced acceptance and celebration of the LGBT lifestyle. Here are just a few portents that shouldn’t be ignored:

  • Washington State is suing a Christian florist who declined to provide floral arrangements for a homosexual “wedding” ceremony. The state is threatening thousands of dollars in fines and a requirement that the elderly florist provide floral arrangements to any homosexual couple that seeks her services. (Read more HERE.)
  • The Christian owners of an Oregon bakery were contacted by the Oregon Department of Justice and told that they are being investigated because of a discrimination complaint that followed their refusal to violate their beliefs by providing a wedding cake for a lesbian “wedding” ceremony. (Read more HERE.)
  • A Christian owner of a bed and breakfast in Hawaii has been ordered to provide a room to any same-sex couple that wants to stay there, thus violating her religious convictions. (Read more HERE.)
  • And in Albuquerque, New Mexico, the owner of Elane Photography declined to provide her skills and services for a lesbian commitment, explaining that doing so would violate her conscience as a Christian. As a result of a complaint being filed with the New Mexico Human Rights Commission, a fine of $6,600 was issued against this small business for discrimination based on “sexual orientation.” This case is pending a hearing before the New Mexico Supreme Court. (Read more HERE.)

In short, all Smith can find are instances where gay couples were hoping to be treated the same way straight couples are. And he’s taking the side of Christians who wanted to delegate the gay couples to second-class status because of their sexual orientation.

You expect to see that sort of bigotry within the walls of a church — and the actions would be legal in a church setting — but these states have made clear that public businesses don’t get to deny their services to people who are black or Muslim or atheist or female or handicapped — or gay. Your “conscience” be damned. Just as you can’t hang a “No Jews Allowed” sign in front of your public floral business, you can’t tell gay couples you’re not going to bake a cake for their ceremony when you offer the same services to everybody else.

Remember: These kinds of Christians have no problem making cakes for people who’ve had a baby out of wedlock, are in the process of getting divorced, or happen to be Pagans. It’s not like they pay attention to their “conscience” on other issues.

Imagine if the roles were flipped: Catholic parents go to a bakery in Boystown to get a cake to celebrate their baby’s baptism… and the owners say no. Does anyone really believe Smith would let it slide and encourage the couple to just visit another bakery? Of course not. He’d be among the first to cry foul.

Smith ends his piece with this warning:

While it is important that we stand up to defend the institution of marriage, it is vital that we understand that the [gay] agenda is far more insidious and far-reaching than many realize. Once you understand how far they want to take this agenda, it is unconscionable to sit on the sidelines.

Ah, yes… the “insidious” agenda of wanted to be treated fairly. HOW DARE THOSE GAY MONSTERS?!

These aren’t cases of anti-Christian persecution. They’re examples of Christians trying to get out of doing the right thing on account of their faith, which apparently teaches them to be assholes.

The Christians just have gay-shaped holes in their hearts.

Maybe Jesus can fix them.

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