Live Blogging TAM2013: Friday Afternoon Sessions July 12, 2013

Live Blogging TAM2013: Friday Afternoon Sessions

Skeptical Scope and Mission

Panelists: Barbara Drescher, Daniel Loxton, Steven Novella and Jamy Ian Swiss

Moderator: Sharon Hill

The panel talked about the skeptical movement and community, and where skepticism is going.

Is skepticism going to become an academic movement? It seems to be a complicated issue- it sparked a bit of debate. Apparently, the UK has a field of study regarding the public understanding of science, which Novella said he would love to bring stateside. Loxton specified the difference between a scientist and a skeptic– the two aren’t always the same thing.

Swiss made a great point about skeptics acting as consumer advocates for the population. I really like the idea of “skepticism” as a field, for the lack of a better term, acting as a bridge between science and scientists and the public.

In all, I liked hearing about what it means to be a skeptic and how it works as a promotion of science.

I’ve got to bolt to another interview (sorry that I’m missing a lot of the talks to go to the interviews, but they’ve been really great so far, and I think you guys will love them!)


I am coming to you from my hotel room. Talks are over for the day and I got to see precisely one of them. I’m certainly not complaining though! I’ve gotten to sit down with some really awesome speakers for one-on-one interviews, so I had to forego the vast majority of talks.

But I wanted to half apologize because I haven’t been updating as frequently as I had originally hoped. Trust me, though, those interviews are going to be super great. We’ll have videos up as soon as possible to share with all of you fine folks.

Thanks for your patience! I promise it will be worth it!

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