Liberty Counsel: DOMA Repeal Will Lead to Christian Revolution July 9, 2013

Liberty Counsel: DOMA Repeal Will Lead to Christian Revolution

There’s a revolution coming — led by Christian Americans who are furious that the Supreme Court has redefined their marriages.

Or so says Mat Staver, the chairman of notoriously anti-gay Liberty Counsel. It comes as no surprise that Staver has long warned about the apocalyptic repercussions of repealing the Defense of Marriage Act and Proposition 8. Now that the Supreme Court has all but abolished both anti-gay laws, Staver won’t keep quiet.

Here’s the video, courtesy of Right Wing Watch:

Speaking to Liberty Counsel’s Matt Barber, Staver says there’s a “coercive component” to the Supreme Court’s decision to strike down a provision of DOMA that makes it even worse than Roe v. Wade. (What could be worse than women’s rights? Gay rights!)

The difference, he says, is that Roe v. Wade didn’t “force people to have abortions,” but DOMA’s repeal forces people to “abolish their religious beliefs” at risk of punishment. And he warns that’s going to lead to a Christian revolution.

(Last time I checked, DOMA’s downfall doesn’t require you to marry someone of the same sex or give up your religion — and you can’t exactly be “fined or jailed” for disapproving of marriage equality. Do I hear someone crying anti-Christian-persecution again?)

The icing on the cake is at the end of the clip when Barber says this is “akin to Joseph Stalin‘s Russia.” Because allowing people of the same sex to marry is totally the same thing as executing hundreds of thousands of people who don’t agree with you. Right?

As Joe Jervis reports, Staver made essentially the same comments just after the Court announced its DOMA and Prop 8 decisions, but seeing him get all huffy and puffy on camera is so much sweeter. Somehow, I’m not too worried about this revolution.

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