Ohio School Board That Tried to Push Revisionist Christian History Cancels Course July 4, 2013

Ohio School Board That Tried to Push Revisionist Christian History Cancels Course

Well, that was quick.

The Springboro School District in Ohio had tried to institute a 12-week summer course on the Constitution that would feature video lessons from Christian pseudo-historian David Barton:

But after complaints from parents in the district, groups like FFRF, and everyone who knows something about history, the school board members have changed their minds:

“We felt that having the community participate with evaluating these courses would be an excellent opportunity for schools and community to work together. Instead, the courses have received some criticism from the community, which we take very seriously,” said Jim Rigano, Board of Education Vice President. “We wanted to allow time for additional review to fully investigate community concerns.”

There’s not much to investigate. The course pushed a version of history that only deluded people buy into and serious scholars reject.

Many school boards do things like this — push religion into the classroom by way of a stealth course. But once they’re found out and exposed, they have to play nice and pretend like they were really trying to do what was best for the students, instead of what was best for their pastors.

One down. Many more to go.

(Thanks to Richard for the link)

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