You Have to Watch This Jehovah’s Witnesses Propaganda Movie June 26, 2013

You Have to Watch This Jehovah’s Witnesses Propaganda Movie

SuperCynthesizer uploaded a recent Watchtower Society propaganda video designed to make you and keep you a JW for good:

It’s a 90-minute movie but here are a few highlights:

At 13:52, (protagonist) David’s family gets upset that he gets a job outside of the family business because it’ll interfere with his religious routine. (Think of the commute, David!)

At 40:03, David is told that religious rules are not-at-all restrictive after telling his parents that he wants to move into the city. (“What congregation would you go to?!” asks mom.)

At 42:15, David’s brother James spills the beans about what’s really going on. (There’s a fight and it involves a piano. Yessssss!)

At 52:02, David goes to a craaaazy party… and in the aftermath a Christmas tree lies, tipped over, in the corner of the room. (Why do you hate Christmas, David?!)

At 1:15:45, David cries in an alley after sleeping with a beautiful, supportive co-worker and asks God for forgiveness. (Why, David, WHY?!)

If you notice any other memorable moment, please leave the timestamp and summary in the comments!

(Thanks to Tamar for the link!)

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