FFRF Plans to Run ‘Celebrate Our Godless Constitution’ Ad on July 4th June 25, 2013

FFRF Plans to Run ‘Celebrate Our Godless Constitution’ Ad on July 4th

Every Independence Day since 2008, the Christian chain Hobby Lobby has run newspaper ads celebrating the “Christianity” of our Founding Fathers and how they supposedly wanted this to be a “Christian Nation.”

Here’s the ad from 2010 (PDF):

This year, the Freedom From Religion Foundation is taking a page from their book and running a counter-ad-campaign celebrating our “godless Constitution” and how our Founding Fathers actually supported separation of church and state. The ad also says “In Reason We Trust”:

FFRF is calling this the “single most expensive ad campaign in our history”:

As of today, FFRF’s ad is scheduled to run on July 4 in:

  • The New York Times
  • Arizona Republic
  • Seattle Times
  • Los Angeles Times
  • Chicago Tribune
  • Denver Post (and 5 area newspapers)
  • Columbus Dispatch
  • Albuquerque Times

Most of the ads are in black and white but a few will run in color, including in The New York Times. (It’s still possible some dailies above may refuse the paid ad but we’ve finalized placement.)

This is beyond billboards. This is an ad that’ll reach readers all across the country — especially when the Religious Right and FOX News Channel feel the need to comment on it.

If you’d like to donate to FFRF’s advertising fund to support more ads like this, you can do so here.

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