Mike Huckabee on Pastoring: Missing the Forest for the Trees June 24, 2013

Mike Huckabee on Pastoring: Missing the Forest for the Trees

Former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee addressed the Southern Baptist Pastors’ Conference in Houston recently.

The ex-pastor and ex-presidential candidate told his rapt clergy audience that the pastorate once was

… a wonderful, respected position, but not anymore.

He added that that’s because pastors across the country are besmirching their calling and their profession by engaging in extramarital sex, rape, serial rapechild molestation, sexual assault, kidnappingsexting children, stalkingfinancial fraud, passing bad checks, public lewdness, forcible sodomyhealthcare fraud, money laundering, burglary, drug possession, insurance fraud, incitement to murderattempted murder, criminal threatening, property destruction, indecent exposureembezzlement, wire fraud, selling meth, selling heroin, pedophiliaharassmentsecurities fraud, possession of child porn, animal cruelty, making false police reportsdomestic violence, incest, incitement to child abuse, bigamyworkman’s comp fraud, vehicular manslaughter, necrophilia, child abuse, and homicide.

Just kidding.

Huckabee said it’s because

…people have contempt for the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

He’s right, I just wonder if maybe he’s pointing the finger at, you know, the wrong people.

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