Kentucky State Representatives Visit the Creation Museum June 21, 2013

Kentucky State Representatives Visit the Creation Museum

When someone says the Creation Museum is “educational,” it’s depressing.

When five Kentucky state representatives (all Republican) say the Creation Museum is “educational,” it’s downright frightening.

Reps. Kim King, Bart Rowland, Tim Moore, C.B. Embry, and Mike Harmon were all present for opening day of the museum’s zip line attraction, as we learned through King’s Facebook page:

We had a wonderful time at the Creation Museum, could easily spend 2-3 days there. There are so many interesting, fun and educational activities for families. The zip-line feature opened today. Our friends, Mike Harmon and Lynn Young Harmon were the first folks to enjoy this thrilling activity. I highly recommend you plan a visit soon. Beautiful place; we’ll definitely go back!!

If this were purely economical — there’s a business in town that’s bringing in new customers — I would understand. But to say that the museum is educational and a place that families should visit? That suggests that these representatives care little about what children in their state learn.

They’d rather promote a religious fantasy than encourage the pursuit of actual science.

Elected officials, even Republicans from Kentucky, should know better.

(Thanks to Joshua for the link!)

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