A Baptist Church’s Panel Discussion on the Evil of Homosexuality June 8, 2013

A Baptist Church’s Panel Discussion on the Evil of Homosexuality

It’s early in the morning and you’re not pissed off yet, so let’s fix that. Check out this panel discussion on the evils of homosexuality in response to Minnesota’s recent legalizing of same-sex marriage:

The panel, which took place last Sunday at Bethlehem Baptist Church in Minneapolis, Minnesota, features Pastor Jason Meyer, John Helmberger (of the Minnesota Family Council), and Joe Rigney (professor at Bethlehem College and Seminary). It’s moderated by Minister Sam Crabtree.

You know a Baptist church put out the video because women are nowhere to be found and the comments are disabled.

I forced myself to watch the first half and the amount of bigotry and Martyr Complex-ing are at peak levels. (If you see anything worth noting, please leave the timestamps and summaries in the comments.)

Highlight for me: At the 39:00 mark, the moderator reads an email asking if the panelists would support Muslims who wanted to pass legislation stopping everyone else from drinking wine because it’s forbidden in their faith.

Two things about that:

1) Whoever wrote the email makes reference to “Muhammad-ans”… which I think is a combination of Muhammad and Ramadan. I can’t decide if it’s the most offensive or most ignorant way of referring to Muslims I’ve ever heard. (***Edit***: As many commenters have pointed out, Muhammadans is indeed an obsolete but very real term to describe Muslims.)

2) Panelist Joe Rigney responds by saying he would oppose such legislation because drinking wine isn’t forbidden in the Bible, so why should that rule apply to him? He sees no irony in his response. He then adds: “The reason that Allah can’t tell me what to do is because he’s not God. God is God.”

So it’s only okay to pass legislation if Joe Rigney’s God approves it. Glad we settled that…

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