Orthodox Jewish Students Kicked Off Plane for Not Turning Off Phones Now Claim Religious Discrimination June 5, 2013

Orthodox Jewish Students Kicked Off Plane for Not Turning Off Phones Now Claim Religious Discrimination

A bunch of students from an Orthodox Jewish school in Brooklyn got on a flight, refused to turn off their phones (an annoying rule, yes, but still a rule), and then got kicked off the plane. They took to Twitter to voice their complaints:

“BIG SCANDAL!” one wrote in Twitter messages to several news organizations, echoing the view of many of the students that they had done nothing wrong.

“Didnt think you’d ever get kicked off a plane? Well it’s possible,” another, Rebecca Rahmey, wrote on Twitter. Asked why by an acquaintance, she replied, “no reason.”

Katie McDonald, a spokeswoman for Southwest Airlines, AirTran’s parent company, said the flight’s crew had ejected the group out of concern for the “overall safety” of the flight. She said the students had violated flight policies and federal air regulations, ultimately delaying the flight by about an hour.

That alone is a story of annoying kids thinking they’re above the law.

But then they started claiming this was done because of their religion, which took the whining to an entirely different — and totally ridiculous — level:

Several students have suggested that the crew acted out of anti-Semitism.

“They treated us like terrorists; I’ve never seen anything like it,” one student, Jonathan Zehavi, told CNN. “I think if it was a group of nonreligious kids, the air stewardess wouldn’t have dared to kick them off.”

No, they treated you like the treated everybody else. If the flight crew didn’t make you turn off your phones, it’s their ass that would be on the line. It’s not Southwest’s fault if you’re not used to being on a plane. The security check wasn’t done out of anti-Semitism either.

And since when do non-religious students get the tall end of the stick?! I’m not used to hearing that one: If we were atheists, they would have treated us better!

Somewhere, Muslims are rolling their eyes at all of this.

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