Jesus is the Real Man of Steel June 4, 2013

Jesus is the Real Man of Steel

Of all the ways to market a major movie, this has to be at the bottom of the list:

Warner Bros. and have partnered to create a website which contains “Man of Steel” resources for Christian priests, pastors and ministers.

Yep: They’ve pre-written a sermon (PDF) for pastors to use in church, comparing Superman to Jesus. The superhero created by the sons of Jewish immigrants is being used to market Jesus.


Superman’s mythical origins are rooted in the timeless reality of a spiritual superhero who also lived a modest life until extraordinary times required a supernatural response. Jesus was sent by his Father to bear our burdens, to right our wrongs, to rise above our troubling circumstances. How might the story of Superman awaken our passion for the greatest hero who ever lived and died and rose again? Let’s consider how Superman’s humble origins, his high calling, and his transforming sacrifice point us towards Jesus, the original superhero.

The “S” stands for… um… jeSus? Sacrifice? Slytherin? I give up.

(Thanks to David for the link!)

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