American Atheists Announces Winners of Inaugural EVOLVE Awards May 31, 2013

American Atheists Announces Winners of Inaugural EVOLVE Awards

American Atheists just announced the winners of their inaugural “EVOLVE Awards” which are given to people who “portray atheists or atheism positively.”

I’m on the list and there’s some very good company there, too. I think the world of the organization so it’s a thrill to be honored by them.

“The EVOLVE Awards are meant to bring attention to the media’s portrayal of positive atheism and atheistic characters,” said Amanda Knief, Managing Director. “One of American Atheists’ primary goals is atheist equality and by encouraging and rewarding positive cultural references, we advance this goal. This year we highlight podcasts, blogs, music, television, and movies. For 2014, we will expand the nominations into categories including sports, politics, and print media.”

I can’t wait to receive the $20831209312 in prize money plaque and I’m sure my parents will be thrilled not be told about this.

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