Okay, I Guess I’ll Try a Communion Wafer… May 30, 2013

Okay, I Guess I’ll Try a Communion Wafer…

Because everything tastes better with AussieMite spread:

Elise Ramsey, AussieMite managing director, said: “We couldn’t afford to play it safe so the brief to the guys was to get AussieMite noticed and show how tasty our product is. They did that with humour that very much suits our brand.”

The Herald Sun notes that the Catholic Church isn’t weighing in on this one… because they don’t want the product to attract all the free publicity:

But the Catholic Church has refused to play a part in stoking the controversy by reacting strongly to the provocation.

“It’s not done with any humour,” Father Brian Lucas, general secretary of the Australian Catholic Bishops Conference, said. “It’s been done as a deliberate strategy to cause offence to maximise publicity for a product that has no other means of attracting an audience.”

Not done with any humor? That’s strange; I laughed. And how is it offensive to the Church? Hell, it shows people standing in line for a communion wafer without even commenting on how silly that ritual is.

Anyway, the ad creators don’t need Church officials to make a big deal out of this. Once Bill Donohue sees it, he’ll give them all the publicity they need.

(via Joe. My. God.)

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