Creationist Researcher Journal Tackles Issue of Whether ‘Adam’ Was Real May 30, 2013

Creationist Researcher Journal Tackles Issue of Whether ‘Adam’ Was Real

The Answers in Genesis “Research Journal” is a publication that honors those who can write about Biblical events using as many big words as possible.

They just published a groundbreaking article on… wait for it… why Adam (of “Adam and Eve” fame) must have been a real human being.

The proof? The Bible said so. (Why didn’t I think of that?!)

The reason why men must accept Adam as historical is because it is the clear teaching of Scripture.

Anyone who doesn’t think Adam was real, obviously, thinks more highly of science than the Bible:

The presupposition for all of these [Adam-denying] scholars seems to be that we have to find a way to rescue the tension between the theory of evolution on the one hand and the Bible on the other. It is an accommodationist’s approach to the Bible. These scholars are interpreting Bible passages in ways in which one would never do if he were not first reading the evolutionary theory into the text. They are placing, whether they intend to or not, scientific dogma at a higher and more controlling authority than the Scriptures. The clear meaning of the biblical text is being changed in order to conform to the external, dogma of the day. This should cause great concern because it would require the theistic evolutionist interpretation of Scripture to understand what the Bible says. This is similar to pre-Reformation times when lay people had to depend on the priest for a correct interpretation of Scripture.

This is what happens when you tell a lie that gets out of hand. You have to really strain to force everything into your limited worldview, even if it makes no sense in light of new information. It only gets worse when you fully believe your own bullshit.

Strangely enough, the bulk of the criticism is reserved not for the likes of Richard Dawkins (who is mentioned in the piece), but for groups like BioLogos that try to reconcile religion with science. On that point, I would have to agree with the author; the magisteria don’t overlap.

Author Simon Turpin‘s analysis eventually boils down to this one question:

If Adam were not a historical individual, then what would make one think he could trust the Scriptures when it speaks of Christ as a historical person?

If we let one domino fall, won’t all the other ones topple over, too? (Answer: Sure, why not?!)

Turpin, by the way, is the same person who wrote an article about how we were all immortal until Adam sinned.

A brilliant scientist, that one.

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