The Students at the Most Christian Public School in the Country Just Trashed Their Building May 28, 2013

The Students at the Most Christian Public School in the Country Just Trashed Their Building

Kountze High School in Texas is the place where cheerleaders recently won a court battle to hold up banners with Bible verses on them before football games:

But last night, Kountze was home to a senior prank that may have gotten horribly out of hand:

(via @_dabestthingyet on Twitter)

some students put catfish bait in air conditioning vents, stuck classroom chairs in ceiling panels and unrolled toilet paper in hallways and classrooms.

“It was pretty much a big mess that needed to be cleaned up,” [Superintendent Reese] Briggs said.

Briggs said administrators are investigating the situation and expect that to be complete in the coming days. He said he couldn’t speculate as to what the outcome of that investigation could include.

That’s not all that happened. According to commenters on one news website (I can’t verify this yet):

There was deer urine and [Vaseline] on the doors and the door handles, security cameras were ripped out, markers were glued to smartboards, science storage room doors were glued shut, beer cans and cigarette butts in the parking lot and on the ground around the schools, ceiling tiles were broken, tables were stacked in some classrooms and some were thrown around. Lockers were broken into and papers thrown all around the school, silly string was all in bathrooms, the front office was almost destroyed due to them throwing plants around and wrapping everything. All front gates were glued shut except for one which is where they exited. They broke into the drill team room and drew on the floor with silly string, glued a tutu on the floor and scattered their CD’s on the carpet.

I’m not implying, by the way, that the cheerleaders did this or that only Christian students were responsible. But for a student body that fought to push its collective Christianity onto anyone who didn’t believe what the majority did, this is a pretty horrible thing to do to your school — and it’s not like only one person did all of this. Odds are some of the culprits were among those who at least supported the cheerleaders.

Now, the janitorial staff has to clean it up, the faculty loses a day of teaching (that may now have to be made up at the end of the year), the administration has to explain how this sort of thing happened and find the money to pay for the damaged goods, and the students get painted as ungrateful jerks who leave messes for others to fix.

I suppose after the banner incident, the students just figured they could get away with anything.

Just wait — someone’s going to suggest putting Bible verses on the walls of the school so that this doesn’t happen again.

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