An Australian’s View of Religion in America May 26, 2013

An Australian’s View of Religion in America

Those of us who live in America know how crazy religious some parts of the country can be, but what do we look like to an outsider?

Ben Knight, a Washington D.C.-based correspondent for ABC News in Australia, did a radio piece on America’s religiosity — something strange to him because, in his home country, a lot of people don’t attend church and that’s not considered weird at all:

Over here [in America], you hear about God everywhere. In the Pledge of Allegiance that my kids recite at school every morning, in the newsletter their science teacher sends home, in patriotic songs, in athletes’ news conferences, at the end of presidential speeches, and, of course, in disasters. Especially in disasters.

The whole time I listened to the piece, I just felt so damn embarrassed, like I’m sorry you have to go through this, but I swear we’re trying to change things!

Still, it’s always fascinating to hear an outsider’s perspective on what we go through on a regular basis. We’re used to it. He’s not.

I need to visit Australia one of these days. It sounds lovely.

(Thanks to Greg for the link!)

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