Boy Scouts of America Will Now Allow Gay Youth, but Gay Leaders and Atheists Are Still Banned May 23, 2013

Boy Scouts of America Will Now Allow Gay Youth, but Gay Leaders and Atheists Are Still Banned

The Boy Scouts of America just approved a resolution allowing gay youths to be part of the organization.

Yep, once you turn 18, gay scouts are kicked right back out. And if you’re an open atheist, you’re still never allowed to be a scout in the first place.

The American Humanist Association was quick to respond to the announcement:

“The Boy Scouts of America still supports an untenable, unreasonable and unnecessary discriminatory policy by excluding gay leaders and staff members,” said Roy Speckhardt, executive director of the American Humanist Association. “If the Boy Scouts are truly a values-based organization, bigotry can’t be part of the program.”

Speckhardt added, “In addition to ending all anti-gay policies, the Boy Scouts should also open their doors to those without a religious affiliation. Their national policy of discrimination against humanists and atheists, like the anti-gay policy, needlessly shuts out millions of Americans.”

It’s really a bittersweet victory. What’s great is that gay scouts who have had to hide an important part of their identities in order to remain in their troops no longer have to pretend to be people they’re not. Unfortunately, this half-hearted attempt to modernize the organization by welcoming gay scouts — but only until they turn 18 — shows just how little progress has been made within the BSA.

Even now, in their moment of glory when they celebrate being inclusive and welcoming, the silent truth is that the BSA is just as bigoted as ever.

We must keep the pressure on them and let them know it’s unacceptable to treat atheists and gay adults like second-class citizens. This particular battle has been won, but we’re not done fighting yet.

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  • Ranger6

    No, they don’t want to be in a tent where Billy has his penis up Jack’s butt. I was in Scouts. Now I want nothing to do with them and will never give them another penny. You pieces of garbage are ending the world.

  • MD

    You seem to be obsessed with sex.

  • Ranger6

    Sex and inability for gays to procreate is the main reason most avoid them and their way of life. They are in violation of God’s laws (if there is a God) and will not be welcome in Heaven (should it exist). But the law is currently moving toward your side. Thus, rather than you staying away from us, we will stay away from you. Kiss Bill and squeeze his member all you want in Macy’s Bridal Boutique. I won’t be around there or any restaurant you and the other penis come to eat and cause people to throw up watching your sickening antics.

  • Ranger6

    I’ve read that and can only assume the movers are causing this to happen. My wife and I will try and be out of here next year. The gays can screw each other in every parking lot or on every bus bench for all I care. Had I known this would happen, I would not have fought for this country in two wars. Let it now die quietly.

  • Ranger6

    You are the personification of garbage.

  • Matt Potter

    If you’d like to actually explain why you feel that way I’m more than happy to have that conversation. Name calling isn’t something I participate in and the reality is your comment speaks much more about your own character than mine.

  • Ranger6

    No desire to have any conversation with you at all. You are the sworn enemy of all that I believe in and when the forces mobilize against you, I will be with them. Just stay the hell away from children. I am now done with the boy scouts and no longer will give a dime to charity as long as the lord permits evil incarnate like you to exist. My wife and I will head out somewhere next year where your kind is hunted down and dissolved from the body, even if that means going to a place with a much different form of government. I am now ashamed I fought for this country.

  • Um, you’re actually advocating murder and torture here. Really? And why? Because Matt Potter thinks that organizations shouldn’t discriminate against people for their beliefs or who they love?

    Please. Get professional help. Feelings like that are not healthy.

  • Matt Potter

    Who exactly are the forces that will be mobilized against me and my ‘kind'(whatever that is)? If you’re just trolling, you’re very good, otherwise you need some serious psychiatric help.

  • Ranger6

    Dissolved from the body means cleansed you idiot, as in exorcism. Maybe you should post on a rudimentary language usage board. Matt Potter is a sinner by every knows source for the definition of a sinner, including the former boy scouts. You people came about by a breach in the system where sin was allowed to flourish. As you were…

  • Ranger6

    A diagnosis from a gay blade who puts his penis up another man’s anus? Please….as you were, psycho…

  • Matt Potter

    I’m not gay, happily married for 10 years now. You do know there are many straight people that support rights for the LGBT community, right?

  • *ahem* I’m a woman who occasionally enjoys her husband’s penis going up her anus. Do you think that’s horrible and gross and a mental illness too?

    Besides, gay people like oral (me too!), digital (me too!), toys (me too!), and many other forms of sex (me too!). It’s not all about the penis-in-anus, even for gay men. Gay women, obviously, aren’t interested in penis-in-anything sex.

  • You want to go to a place where people perform exorcisms. Which, in many cases, involve beatings, starvation, binding, sometimes burning/branding, occasionally rape, and very rarely death. And you want this to occur to people who are “hunted down”, which means to unwilling victims.

    Still not hearing anything, uh, healthy coming from you.

  • purr

    You are the personification of garbage.

    Why are you so full of such self-hate? What do you have to hide? What feelings are you ashamed of honey?

  • Ranger6

    Yes. We live in a world of strange people who will not be happy until every child is so internally conflicted they will finally seek an answer through pills or a rope and chair. That is your gift to the next generation. As I indicated previously, you are the real enemy: the gay person wandered off the reservation long ago and never stumbled back on it.

  • Ranger6

    A poster named marshmallow called me honey. Mother of God, I’m on Startrek.

  • What kind of internal conflict are you talking about?

    Oh hey, I’m a girl and I like that girl. Okay. That’s not much of a conflict. It’s you and bigots like you that make it a big deal who loves whom and overcomplicate things.

  • Matt Potter

    Your comments have left me at a total loss for words. This video seems the most appropriate response I could give.

  • Ranger6

    No, you are not. You are a genderless (sic) lost soul pretending to love another genderless (sic) lost soul because it is all you are capable of scoring due to weakness and lack of resolve. Just like the growth spur that appeared on the side of a tomato, something happened to you and rather than fight it, you cling to it.

  • Ranger6

    Right. Assailed by a homo pretending to be a master of ceremonies. Great job, Matt. I am devastated.

  • purr

    Ever fucked a tomato? Was it the growth spur that attracted you?

  • So confused … if it feels like love, how is it not love? And how does loving someone of one’s own gender render one genderless? Gender is fluid and on an entirely different spectrum than sexuality. One can be male, female, genderqueer, genderfluid, trans*, or any number of other genders. One can be heterosexual, bisexual, homosexual, pansexual, queer, or any number of other sexualities. One can also be monogamous or any number of varieties of polygamous. These are three different spectrums that help define human sexuality as a whole, but moving along one of the spectrums doesn’t impact the others at all.

    Human sexuality is a complicated, tangled thing. Love isn’t. You’re saying some love is bad, when it clearly hurts no one and makes people happy. How dare you?

  • Matt Potter

    Whether I’m gay or not has nothing to do with anything. That said, I’ve already told you I’m straight and happily married. Your continued use of gay slurs doesn’t reflect well upon you and many religious people across various faiths would view that as a ‘sin’ (I just view it as disrespectful and unintelligent). I won’t be responding to you again, thanks for the conversation you said you wouldn’t have with me.

  • Ranger6

    No, but you and your SO have. I don’t think you are allowed to use nasty words here. Have you no couth? Even Matt the mysterious has some couth. I’m working on spreadsheets. Why don’t you and Jenny go do some nastys somewhere then play dolls or something.

  • purr

    An Italian research team, consisting of Andrea Camperio Ciani and Giovanni Zanzotto at the University of Padova and Paolo Cermelli at the University of Torino, found that the evolutionary origin and maintenance of male homosexuality in human populations could be explained by a model based around the idea of sexually antagonistic selection, in which genetic factors spread in the population by giving a reproductive advantage to one sex while disadvantaging the other.

    The results of this model show the interaction of male homosexuality with increased female fecundity within human populations, in a complex dynamic, resulting in the maintenance of male homosexuality at stable and relatively low frequencies, and highlighting the effects of heredity through the maternal line.

    These findings provide new insights into male homosexuality in humans. In particular, they promote a focus shift in which homosexuality should not be viewed as a detrimental trait (due to the reduced male fecundity it entails), but, rather, should be considered within the wider evolutionary framework of a characteristic with gender-specific benefits, and which promotes female fecundity. This may well be the evolutionary origin of this genetic trait in human beings.

    An unexpected implication of the new models concerns the impact that the sexually antagonistic genetic factors for male homosexuality have on the overall fecundity of a population. The findings suggest that the proportion of male homosexuals may signal a corresponding proportion of females with higher fecundity. Consequently, these factors always contribute, all else being equal, a positive net increase of the fecundity of the whole population, when compared to populations in which such factors are lower or absent

    ^Shove this up your ass. We all know you want to. That’s why you protest so much. You are ashamed of your own sexual needs and wants. You’re the one with the problem, and you are projecting that hate and shame outward.

  • purr

    Your hateful bigoted views are far more offensive than the word ‘fuck’.

  • Ranger6

    No problem, Matt. Your conflation of sin is a strawman that you just made up. Good luck to you. Try not to aid and abet the destruction of too many young people you think you are helping. AMF

  • Ranger6

    No, gay girl. I am old and have been married near 50 years to the same woman. We both work with senior citizens, none of which have any use for you people. Don’t quote Italians in trying to form a convenient strawman. They are rarely right about anything. I’m sorry you weren’t pretty enough for the opposite sex. Maybe you should have entered a nunnery. Good luck to you and your bed-mate.Please, stay away from children.

  • purr

    Wtf do you have against Italians??? They are *scientists* asshole.

    And no, the fact that you are married is meaningless. You like the dick, and have lusted after it your entire life. I am sorry that you are so conflicted and that you had to settle for vagina.

    How much time do you spend on the internet hating gays and talking about how you hate gays? You also seem to be completely obsessed with dicks going into assholes. WHY IS THAT??? You are just so into the dirty details…

  • purr

    The gays can screw each other in every parking lot or on every bus bench for all I care

    I bet you’ve got your hands down your pants just thinking about it.

  • Ranger6

    I think you meant “asshole scientists”–misplaced modifier. I have simply been responding to comments that find their way to my smartphone. I absolutely do hate gays and believe they are in the process of ending the world. “Dicks (sic) into assholes IS the problem.” The penis was designed for an important task, creating children. But people like you have regulated it to gliding through shit for momentary sinful pleasure. It borders on the insane. You’re a girl named Marshmallow with a beard? Seek help.

  • purr

    You know you want it.

  • Load the website, go to the bottom and unsubscribe. Problem solved.

  • Ranger6

    If I want it, I’ll get it with my wife in a healthy act of sex. But you go ahead stinky dyck, do it however you want to. When it catches up to you and the hair starts to fall out, there’s new painkillers you can use until you enter the box.

  • purr

    Let’s talk more about dicks and assholes; your favourite subject.

  • purr

    *precisely* what I have been getting at

    notice how he can’t stop talking about dick?

  • No worries, this country is ashamed to have produced you.

  • purr

    Rich Wilson was kind enough to link to this study, but in case you missed it:

    Homophobes should consider a little self-reflection, suggests a new study finding those individuals who are most hostile toward gays and hold strong anti-gay views may themselves have same-sex desires, albeit undercover ones.

    The prejudice of homophobia may also stem from authoritarian parents, particularly those with homophobic views as well, the researchers added.

    “This study shows that if you are feeling that kind of visceral reaction to an out-group, ask yourself, ‘Why?'” co-author Richard Ryan, a professor of psychology at the University of Rochester, said in a statement. “Those intense emotions should serve as a call to self-reflection.”

  • purr
  • Dude.

  • purr

    There was a guy on yahoo news who started attacking me once, calling me every anti-gay slur in the book. And this was on a thread about veganism no less. So I followed him around and wouldn’t stop talking about how he loved the cock. After that he left me alone.

  • purr

    Moar penis!!

    dude, you’re killin us, really

  • *snicker* I don’t have the energy for that kind of thing, but if you do, fire away.

  • Popcorn?

  • purr
  • Ranger6

    omg, a gay chink. You people can’t do anything right.

  • See?! First you want to stick dicks in assholes, and then you want to stick kittens in popcorn!


  • purr

    Thankfully Ranger6 is here to protect us from the wmdkitty and her ‘chink’ness.

  • Nope.


    I’m a Furry. Now kindly fuck off.

  • Dude, I’m so white it’s painful. Also, if he’s basing his slur on my avatar, he should be calling me a “jap”. Poor racist bastard can’t even tell the difference…

  • purr

    I really gtg shower..gonna be thinking about dick the w’hole’ time! get it! Thanks Ranger6!

    In any case, your ‘nym…


    All longhand for “Dick”

    Are you secretly trying to seduce poor Ranger6? You should be ashamed!

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