Help Send These Students to Columbus May 21, 2013

Help Send These Students to Columbus

Those of you who read this site regularly are familiar with Daniel Koster, the high school student from Florida who fought back against Bible distributions at his school by having his group set up shop and pass out atheist literature. I’m sure that went over well with Christian parents not used to being challenged 🙂

Now, Daniel and members of the Wekiva Atheist and Secular Alliance are fundraising to attend this summer’s Secular Student Alliance conference in Ohio:

Because the club is made up of High School Students, many of whom are college-bound, dropping several hundred dollars on a road trip is not a viable option. We need help for gas, registration, housing, and maybe a little bit of food. Any left over funds will go toward the club’s activities in the coming school year. With your help, we can lower the cost each student has to pay to take part in this spectacular opportunity. Your donation is an investment in the future of the secular movement!

There are many deserving high school students who could use the funds for this event, but I think it’s safe to say the Wekiva students have earned it. And this is one of those conferences that will really inspire them to do even more next year. As I write this, they’re only a couple hundreds dollars off their goal, so if you’re compelled, feel free to pitch in!

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