Virginia’s Republican Candidate for Lieutenant Governor Believes the Democratic Party is a ‘Coalition of the Godless’ May 20, 2013

Virginia’s Republican Candidate for Lieutenant Governor Believes the Democratic Party is a ‘Coalition of the Godless’

The Virginia Governor’s race is already shaping up to be incredibly expensive and polarizing, pitting former Democratic National Committee chair Terry McAuliffe against Tea Party darling (and textbook conservative Christian) Ken Cuccinelli.

Ken Cuccinelli (via Politico)

It’s easy to list off the things Cuccinelli has said/done that should discredit him in the eyes of any rational person:

But the race just got more interesting on Saturday after Bishop E.W. Jackson was nominated as the Republican Party’s pick for Lieutenant Governor.

What’s wrong with Jackson? Well… it turns out he has a long history of saying (and likely still believing) crazy things about the LGBT community.

But most relevant to this site is what he said about the Democratic Party on April 1, 2010, when he announced the formation of the STAND AMERICA PAC:

The Democrat Party’s commitment to abortion, homosexuality and moral relativism is an affront to the values of the black Christian community. It is a ‘Coalition of the godless.’ Black Christians do not belong in a ‘coalition of the godless,’ and should not vote for those who are.”

Ah, yes, the Coalition of the Godless that, just last year, voted to stick God back in the party platform

I would love it if the Democratic Party truly represented atheists, but they don’t. Not even close. President Obama may have given us a little bit of lip service, but he still expanded the Office of Faith-based and Neighborhood Partnerships. (Jackson, of course, finds it a “joke” to call Obama a Christian.)

If the Democrats are the Coalition of the Godless, where are our representatives? The current Congress boasts not a single open atheist.

If the Democratic Party is a Coalition of the Godless, they certainly don’t brag about it and we’ve chosen them only because they’re the lesser of two evils.

McAuliffe has his flaws, but Virginia has two major reasons not to vote for the Republicans in the upcoming election and they’re both at the top of the ticket.

(Thanks to Scott for the link)

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