Getting Married without God May 20, 2013

Getting Married without God

Of all the posts I’ve done on this site, the ones that talk about atheist weddings and secular wedding vows still get hits long after they’ve been published. People are always looking for examples of how to have a non-religious ceremony and there just aren’t a lot of great resources out there.

Amanda Greene of Wilmington Faith & Values picked up on that and wrote an article about the rise in secular wedding ceremonies and Secular/Humanist celebrants:

With the rise of the “nones”… more couples are looking for wedding celebrants who don’t mind skipping God’s blessing of the ceremony altogether.

More national atheist and humanist agencies such as the Humanist Society and the Center for Inquiry are developing ordaining programs to establish nontheist ministers in most states to perform weddings and funerals. CFI began its certification program in 2009.

There are currently 138 celebrants listed as ordained through the Humanist Society, and some perform weddings in multiple states. The Center for Inquiry has 23 celebrants.

That number’s small, but it’s on the rise, as are the resources available for people who want to have a non-religious wedding ceremony.

If you had a secular ceremony without using a celebrant, what alternative(s) did you use?

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