The School That Gave Students a Creationist Science Quiz Says They’re Making Money Off of It May 16, 2013

The School That Gave Students a Creationist Science Quiz Says They’re Making Money Off of It

You all remember the fourth grade “science” test that was circulating online?

It was later found to be an actual quiz given at Blue Ridge Christian Academy.

Valerie Strauss, an education writer for the Washington Post, says that she got a press release from the school. Administrators aren’t apologizing for their ignorance or for teaching nonsense to impressionable children.

Nope. Instead, they would like everyone to know they’re raking in the money thanks to the controversy:

The media attention has brought awareness of the school reaching from the upstate of South Carolina, throughout the US and into over 70 countries around the world. Donations have been given ranging in amounts from $1 – $1000. Encouraging notes and emails have poured in from around world to offset the thousands of hateful comments that are not only circulating the internet and Facebook, but also direct mail, emails and phone calls to the school.

Diana Baker, Administrator at BRCA, commented on the controversy, “It is unmistakable that our culture greatly needs well-equipped warriors for Christ. Even though the attack on the school was meant to be harmful, God has used it to provide affirmation regarding the importance of our work. We are hopeful that the recent unexpected interest in our school and in Christian Education will provide support for a future for BRCA.

It doesn’t bother me in the least since I assumed they were already flush with cash. They’re Creationists supported by Ken Ham — it’s not like their donors have anywhere else to go.

But since the BRCA doesn’t mention exactly how much they’ve taken in in donations, I’m tempted to assume it’s a relatively low amount and this press release is really about them playing defense after being throughly embarrassed on a national scale.

Even if I’m wrong, exposing the sort of curriculum BRCA uses was well worth it. Hopefully, some potential customers realized they would be hurting their own children by sending them to a private Christian school like this.

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