Mark Driscoll ‘Apologizes’ for SUV Comment: ‘I Am Sorry That You Do Not Have a Sense of Humor’ May 15, 2013

Mark Driscoll ‘Apologizes’ for SUV Comment: ‘I Am Sorry That You Do Not Have a Sense of Humor’

At a recent Christian conference, shock jock Pastor Mark Driscoll opened up with some comments about men who wear skinny jeans (they’re not real men, of course). At one point, he remarked, “If you drive a minivan, you’re a mini man” (Again with the “All men act like me!” routine). And he also said this:

“I know who made the environment and he’s coming back and going to burn it all up. So yes, I drive an SUV.”

Ah, yes… The old “Who cares about the environment because Jesus is coming back soon” line. It’s been used by evangelicals before.

Driscoll has been roundly criticized for the remarks — and reports say that some Christians even walked out of his talk after he said that.

Now, Driscoll is offering a fake apology for his comment: He’s not really against the environment, you guys. He was just joking around.

I call it a “fake apology” because he blames everyone except himself for just not getting it:

Did you hear the one about the preacher who told a joke?

It must be a slow news week… apparently I got in trouble for making a burger out of a sacred cow.

According to people who, unlike me, go on the Internet, some did not understand I was telling jokes and people were laughing.

To those who misunderstood the context, I am sorry if you were troubled. To those who understood context and still ranted, I am sorry that you do not have a sense of humor.

Worst. Apology. Ever.

It’s all our fault for not understanding that he was just joking when he said the kind of thing he says all the time.

I guess his anti-gay remarks are jokes, too? No, of course not, because Driscoll is proudly anti-gay.

What about his comments about women? Not jokes, because Driscoll demeans women all the time.

Was Driscoll joking when he warned parents not to let their children see the Twilight movies? No, totally serious.

Was Driscoll joking when he told people yoga was anti-Christian? Nope.

So why should we think he’s joking when he makes comments about the environment that fall in line with crazy evangelical thinking?

Driscoll added that he loves the environment. He even recycles and buys organic food, so screw all of you who think he’s against it.

Then comes the best part.

He explains how humor works. (Because, you know, he’s the expert.) He literally writes, “I may as well teach a bit on comedy.” (You already do, Mark. Every Sunday morning. OH SNAP!)

Jesus was funny. This fact is perhaps the most overlooked aspect of Jesus’ entire earthly ministry.

Yes… Driscoll is just like Jesus, that King of Hilarity.

You know, “I’m sorry” would’ve sufficed. Try that next time.

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