Kingsport (Tennessee) Newspaper Publishes Opinion Piece Declaring Homosexuality a Disorder May 12, 2013

Kingsport (Tennessee) Newspaper Publishes Opinion Piece Declaring Homosexuality a Disorder

For some reason, the Kingsport Times-News (Tennessee) — the newspaper that recently published an editorial supporting the Boy Scouts of America’s separate-but-equal theory of dealing with gay people — published another appalling article.

This time, it’s an opinion piece from local resident (and board member of the Rockford Institute) Mark Atkins, who thinks that the evidence shows that homosexuality is a disorder (The article is, not surprisingly, behind a paywall):

I claim no expertise whatsoever. I am only a cracker barrel philosopher and student of human nature, and I will remind liberal readers of their claim to be open-minded and will ask them not to blow a gasket because I suggest something with which they disagree.

… in the case of male homosexuality, I contend that for many, the blossoming of homosexual proclivity is the result of some early life injury, be it sexual and/or some form of neglect. If true, this must be a terrible blow to any attempt to legitimize it.

AIDS is associated with male homosexuality for a reason and is the epidemic that it is because of the nature of the male homosexual act and the extremely promiscuous nature of male homosexuality. It is estimated that gay men will have on average anywhere from 100 to 500 inidivudal partners in a lifetime, depending on what source you consult. I contend that a straight man who approached even 50 conquests would have issues.

Along this line, if we normalize homosexuality, upon what grounds do we condemn polygamous marriage, bestiality, or pedophilia? That they remain culturally abhorrent to both liberals and conservatives alike? But for how much longer? Will not the same rationale that homosexuality is normal and that man ought to be free to do what he chooses wear down our cultural abhorrence and common sense as it has with homosexuality in the last 50 years?

How does this get through even the most rudimentary vetting process? How does anyone in our society still think like this?!

I dare someone to submit an opinion piece to this paper that contains even more made-up bullshit just to see if it’ll get printed. (If it does, you’ll get a legit reward.)

Feel free to debunk Atkins’ claims in the comments.

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