Ottawa Taxpayers Fund Catholic School Trip to Anti-Abortion Rally May 9, 2013

Ottawa Taxpayers Fund Catholic School Trip to Anti-Abortion Rally

In Ottawa, where taxpayers pay for Catholic education, the Catholic School Board decided to pull kids out of school today… so they could go march at an anti-abortion rally:

Kids march at anti-abortion rally (via Dawg’s Blawg)

High school students from Ottawa Catholic schools will have time off to join the anti-abortion protesters. Communications officer Mardi de Kemp said the board pays for buses to the event.

Sure, some of the students may have gone just because they wanted the day off, but even if this was a glorified field trip, it should disturb all of us — especially Canadians — that public money was spent on something like this. If a privately funded school wanted to do something like this, it their right. But why should public money be spent like this?

Dr. Dawg echoes that sentiment:

This is, or should be, intolerable to Ontarians in 2013. How dare Catholic school boards use tax money to send kids out of the classroom to attend a religio-political demonstration? Can you imagine the howls if any other religion had access to public monies to abuse in this fashion?

Sadly, he can because this isn’t the first time something like this has happened. This special treatment for one unique faith has been going on for a long time.

Only one religion — Roman Catholicism — is so privileged in this province. Time to scrap the Separate School system as the outmoded, patriarchal relic that it is — and get those kids back into the classrooms where they belong.

Canadians: Let us know how we can help get these students a real education.

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