About the School Prayer That Caused Students to Miss Class… May 8, 2013

About the School Prayer That Caused Students to Miss Class…

Yesterday, I posted about Lumpkin County High School (Georgia) and how 50 students there prayed together (with an adult coach) for two hours at the beginning of the school day, causing them to miss class. Superintendent Dewey Moye decided he wouldn’t punish anybody over the incident.

Well, I have to apologize.

I apparently got a very important detail of the story wrong and I need to take this moment to correct my mistake.

The prayer wasn’t two hours long.

Lumpkin County Schools Superintendent Dewey Moye now says a prayer at school lasted more than six hours.

Garrett Gray, a 10th grader at Lumpkin County High School, said that between 12 and 15 fellow students turned their lives over to Christ during the prayer.

“There were like 10 to 15 people dropped right there. It was just the most amazing thing I’ve ever seen — just dropped on their knees. They got saved. Everybody was praying. Everybody was crying, and that went on until about 1:30,” Gray said.

Oh. And there’s this:

Moye said that he has caught some heat for not disciplining the 50-plus students or four faculty members involved.

So 50 students and 4 faculty members skipped a day of school to pray and nobody was punished for it. No suspensions for the students, who ditched their classes. No loss of salary for the faculty members who presumably weren’t helping their other students because… Jesus.

Unbelievable. If these people were doing anything other than prayer, they would have been punished immediately. Superintendent Moye is sending the message that religion trumps education in his district.

What’s next? A student getting an extra day to do an assignment because Jesus ate his homework?

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