Eugenie Scott, Longtime Advocate for Science Education, Will Retire May 6, 2013

Eugenie Scott, Longtime Advocate for Science Education, Will Retire

Eugenie Scott, the tireless Executive Director of the National Center for Science Education, has announced her retirement after 26 years with the organization:

“It’s a good time to retire, with our new climate change initiative off to a strong start and with the staff energized and excited by the new challenges ahead,” she commented. “The person who replaces me will find a strong staff, a strong set of programs, and a strong board of directors.”

“It’s not going to be easy to fill the shoes of someone who has done so much to make NCSE into the respected and admired organization it is,” remarked Brian Alters, the president of NCSE’s board of directors. “We look forward with working with Genie to find the best possible successor.”

Scott leaves the organization with scores of honorary degrees and a hell of a lot of respect from science advocates across the country. (I’m sure they’re cheering at the offices of Intelligent Design groups and the Creation Museum, too.)

I had the good fortune of interviewing Scott in 2007 and, while there’s been progress in the teaching of science since then, we’re still fighting many of the same battles. Thanks to her efforts, though, we know the other side’s future plans and how to combat them most effectively.

The NCSE has a job description available for anyone who wants to apply to be her successor. Big shoes to fill, for sure.

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