Anti-Gay Christian Leader: Jason Collins’ Twin Brother is Straight, so Homosexuality Must be a Choice May 5, 2013

Anti-Gay Christian Leader: Jason Collins’ Twin Brother is Straight, so Homosexuality Must be a Choice

If your identical twin is gay, what’s the likelihood you’re also gay?

If the answer is 100%, then you could argue that genetics is the primary factor in determining one’s sexuality.

It’s not, of course. The studies that have been done on identical twins are far from conclusive and the few that have been done have found that if one twin is gay, the probability that the other twin is gay ranges from a high end of just over 50% to a low end of around 20% or even lower (to be fair, all of those studies have shortcomings worth discussing). The point is that, while genes appear to play a role in one’s homosexuality, the exact nature of how and how much is still something scientists are trying to figure out.

But that fact didn’t stop Micah Clark, Executive Director of the Indiana Family Institute, from making up his own conclusion in the wake of NBA player Jason Collins coming out:

There are some things that can be learned from Jason Collin’s stunt. For example, Mr. Collins’ announcement was a surprise to his former fiancé, Carolyn Moos, who played in the Women’s NBA. It was also a surprise to Jason’s twin brother, Jarron.

The media may mention Ms. Moos, but they may not want to mention Jason’s identical twin too often. Doing so may remind people that, unlike race, there is no genetic cause or “gay gene” driving homosexual behavior. If there were, Jason’s happily married, father of three, twin brother would also be involved in homosexuality, and he’s not.

There you have it. The sample size of one proves conclusively, in Clark’s mind, that being gay is totally a choice. Because if Collins is gay, then his twin brother has to be gay as well… even if one survey suggested a 50% concordance rate at best and the actual number is likely *way* lower than that.

But who needs science when your bigotry trumps evidence?

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