The March of Reason: A Film About Atheists, Science, the Reason Rally, and Reality May 2, 2013

The March of Reason: A Film About Atheists, Science, the Reason Rally, and Reality

Scott Burdick, the filmmaker behind In God We Trust and Sophia Investigates The Good News Club, has released his latest movie on YouTube. And you’re going to want to watch the whole damn thing.

The March of Reason features a *lot* of familiar names from our movement talking about atheism, morality, the religious targeting of children, evolution, church/state separation, ridiculing faith, and so much more. It all revolves around the Reason Rally and the people and protesters who attended it (there’s fantastic backstage footage, too).

The entire film comes in five parts, each about an hour long, with the first two videos up right now and the next three parts going up next month. An edited 90-minute “documentary-style” version of the entire thing will be made and submitted to film festivals very soon.

I began watching this last night and, considering there’s hours of raw footage and a lot of it is just atheists speaking to the camera, I was captivated. It’s just a nice collection of soundbytes and religious crazytalk. It may get a bit repetitious if you watch all two available hours back-to-back, but I know I didn’t mind one bit.

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