The Five Pillars: A Non-Religious Rap EP May 2, 2013

The Five Pillars: A Non-Religious Rap EP

Normally, I’d be put off by an album called “The Five Pillars” but rapper Jack of Co.Z and producer The Mad Psyentist are using it as a launching pad for a conceptual EP with secular themes. All five pillars — Pray, Mono, Give, Fast, Hajj — are included in the song below. It took a minute or so for me to get into the music, but I really enjoyed it after that! Just fantastic lyrics (which you can find here):

Our ancestors met some prophets
Sampled what they heard and then retaught it
To our preachers, teachers, and leaders in office
But each religion reworked for unique political profit
Trying to gain a little of power, trying to make a little bit off it

Throwing the truth up in the coffin, and they bury it alive
They sell you what they tell you in their books and then you buy it
You’re a sheep and they’re the shepherd just trying to keep you in line
And they’ve sold the stories for so long they forget which are lies

Now we’re hypnotized, memory compromised
So we chant and we pray and we try to reorganize
But we’re prey to the predators lying to closed minds
So when you’re not lost in prayer, open your closed eyes, or you can pray

The rapper’s previous EP was called The Seven Sins, which takes a similar approach to this one.

If you like what you hear, consider buying the full EP and supporting the duo!

(Thanks to Gripp for the link!)

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