Memo to Scott Stantis: Tim Tebow Is No Jason Collins May 1, 2013

Memo to Scott Stantis: Tim Tebow Is No Jason Collins

Scott Stantis, a conservative cartoonist for the Chicago Tribune, drew this in response to Jason Collins‘ coming out:

The idea, of course, is that the media is celebrating Collins for telling the world he’s gay, while they were mostly annoyed by Tim Tebow for telling the world he’s Christian.

If that sentence seems weird to you, that’s because the cartoon makes no sense.

Collins did something no male in the NBA (or several other popular leagues) had done: He came out as gay while still playing professionally.

Believe it or not, there’s no shortage of Christians in any sporting league. Need evidence? Just listen to someone on the winning team during a post-game interview.

When Tebow told the world he was Christian — more Christian than other Christians, really, with his eye black messages and on-field prayers — it was annoying. It doesn’t take “courage” to proudly proclaim, “I’m in the majority!”

Not to mention, Tebow chose his religion; Collins didn’t choose his sexuality. Tebow wanted you to become a Christian; Collins isn’t trying to (in fact, can’t) make you gay.

Finally, Christianity of the sort that Tebow preaches is the reason people like Collins have such a hard time coming out. Tebow hasn’t said anything disparaging about Collins, but evangelical Christians have no doubt acted like they’re being oppressed by the “gay agenda” while at the same time being the oppressors.

The main thing both players have in common right now is that they’re each looking for a team to play on — a team that will judge them for their skills and not what they say or do outside the game.

(Thanks to @InkeddMommy for the link)

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