A Humanist Memorial Service for the Victims of the Boston Bombings April 21, 2013

A Humanist Memorial Service for the Victims of the Boston Bombings

Atheists were excluded from the “interfaith” service in Boston earlier this week but that doesn’t mean they had no reason to mourn.

Later today, the Humanist Community at Harvard will have a secular memorial service to pay respects to the four people who lost their lives as a result of the Boston bombings as well as the 170 who were wounded (including one of their own volunteers). Anyone, religious or not, is welcome to attend:

One hope with this meeting is to provide a safe space for nonreligious people who may not yet have had a chance to express their feelings in a supportive environment. We trust that all who attend will help us create an atmosphere of respect and dignity. Licensed psychologists will be available to support members of our community in case of extreme distress during the event.

I’m hoping they videotape it so that everyone can see this is not a service designed to antagonize people of faith, nor would the speeches have been out of place at the interfaith service earlier this week.

Even though the bombers are no longer out there, there’s still so much healing to be done. This service is an opportunity for all the atheists in the area to share their thoughts and come together as one in support of their fellow citizens.

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