Troopers for Satan April 20, 2013

Troopers for Satan

The members of the Philosophy Club group at Emporia State University (Kansas) and the local Emporia Area Community of Humanists had their work cut out for them on Thursday when they sat at a table for Ask An Atheist Day:

Reader Austin shared with me his take on the day’s event as well as one memorable conversation that took place between himself, fellow atheist John, and a visitor to their table:

The event went great, with people stopping by with great questions, and more than a few excited to see that they weren’t the only atheist (or agnostic) in town. The Q&A was very respectful, with some good questions asked.

By far my favorite part of the night, however, was as follows:

Me: If you have any questions, feel free to ask. That’s what the whole event is about.

Drunk woman: I don’t have any questions! You’re all going to hell!

John: And that completely terrifies me.

Drunk woman: [Sarcastically] Oh, really?

John: Yes, I’m terrified that you don’t have any questions.

Woman: Whatever. You’re all troopers for Satan!

Unrelated note, tour dates for the newest metal band, Troopers for Satan, will be released soon.

I’ll be in the front row 🙂

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